DoodleBod is the hilarious multi-player drawing game all about imagination, collaboration and surprises!

Each player draws a part of a DoodleBod without knowing what the rest of it looks like. A DoodleBod can be whatever you like – a person, an animal, an alien from another planet – the choice is yours! However, you don’t see what other people have drawn until the result is shown at the end of the game…with hilarious consequences!

* Share your bizarre creations with friends easily using built-in Facebook support.

* Play with friends on the same phone or over the Internet via Apple’s Game Center (2 to 4 players).

You choose a theme for the doodle so other players can share the idea, or just draw anything!

* Best of all, DoodleBod is FREE to play!

The possibilities are endless, so check out DoodleBod on the App Store now:

Screenshots (including some fine Doodles from the KingChimp team):

raaaaaaaaaarghAs produced by the KingChimp team






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