Danger Tank!

I’m very proud to present my¬†first release, Danger Tank! A tank artillery game for iOS devices capable of displaying Retina high-resolution graphics. Inspired by old classics such as QBASIC Gorillas for DOS and Scorched Tanks on the Amiga (with a hint of Worms thrown in) it’s the artillery game I always wanted to play, so I went ahead and made it! It features up to 8-player match play on a single device, across 3 different environments: Green hills, snow and sunset. Six different weapons are included: Explosive shell, splitter, triple shot, roller, homing missile and heavy shell. Four different difficulty levels are available for AI opponents, providing a varied challenge. Add to that 11 single-player missions and you have a delightful package of tank artillery mayhem for a very reasonable price!

Danger Tank! Lite is also available, a cut down version allowing you to try the first three missions, and face off against a single opponent for free.

Check out Danger Tank! on the App Store now:



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