Danger Tank! is now available on the App Store

EDIT: Also, it appears that the full version can be downloaded for older iPhones and iPods, which wasn’t supposed to happen! My apologies again if this has affected you, an update should be out next week which will fix the game for you. All I can say is it’s been a learning experience, especially where Apple’s surprisingly lax review process is concerned. Sorry!

Danger Tank! was accepted this week, and both versions are now available globally on the App Store.


In some very exciting news, 9 downloads have already been made for the free version across the USA, Canada and Mexico, and I have a single customer who bought the full one in the USA (but actually I think that might be an error and in fact it’s my friend Andy)… Anyways, please try it out if you have an iPhone 4 or above, any iPad, or a 4th-generation iPod Touch. Check out the YouTube video on the Danger Tank! page of this site.

Happy blasting!

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