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Hello everyone! Been a long time since the last update, I’ve been beavering away on an update for both DoodleBod and Danger Tank! For DoodleBod, I’ve added some new features and tidied up the multiplayer (Game Center) code. It will be submitted to Apple this week. For Danger Tank! I’ve added a new physics engine, so that the in-game objects react (somewhat) realistically to explosions etc. I used the awesome Chipmunk physics library for this:

I’m just finishing up with the Danger Tank update and it should be submitted at the end of the week. A small update in terms of sales – DoodleBod isn’t really selling at all in it’s current state, but Danger Tank! continues to shift 3-4 units a month. I’m hoping these updates will stir some purchase activity as they’re great improvements to both games. We’ll see.

On a final technical note, it’s worth mentioning that I had some trouble using chipmunk to get my tanks to move uphill properly. Their wheels kept slipping back down any surface that was more than about a 30 degree incline. Thanks to the very responsive admin “slembcke” from the Cocos2d forums, this was solved quite quickly by increasing the wheel friction to 4. E.g.

wheel.shape->u = 4.0f;

I didn’t realise it could be increased past 1.0!

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