DoodleBod and Danger Tank! Updates Complete

Well, DoodleBod has received a major update which now means it’s pretty much where I had imagined it would be in terms of functionality. Disappointingly, none of the ~15 iPhone game review sites selected it for review, and in fact only one of them responded at all. The crushing realisation that I may actually have to spend money to get my games noticed is starting to dawn on me… That said, Danger Tank! still gets about 4x as many downloads as DoodleBod, and is the only one that really sells at all (~3 a month at the moment). I’m considering going back to Danger Tank! for another update to add Internet play, which I think my 130 paying customers may appreciate. Also it would be another fine display of my talents for any potential employers :-) In the meantime I’m starting a new project with some new tech (Cocos2d-HTML5) which is cool, I’ll post about that soon. Turrah!